Seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression & SAD: The Complete Guide


Nov 7, 2023

From time to time, you may notice prolonged periods where your mood changes, but you might not know exactly why that is. One possible cause is Seasonal Depression (SAD); a natural phenomenon in which some people tend to feel more depressed when exposed to certain weather conditions.

This weird negative feeling doesn’t only impact those with diagnosed depression, it can also happen to anyone, everyone, any gender, and at any age – including children. In fact, you may even ask how common is seasonal depression? Well, research has shown around 2 million people in the UK alone experience it. So, don’t worry, you are not alone, it is a very common condition and might just be caused environmentally.

In this blog we are going to go through a full debrief on everything you need to know about seasonal depression and ways in which you can deal with seasonal depression.

What is seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression is more medically known as “seasonal affective disorder” or “SAD” for short. Yes, the acronym certainly speaks for itself where you ultimately do feel sad.

It is a type of depression that predominantly manifests during the cold winter months.

However, it is common for seasonal depression to have the opposite effect during the winter. For some people, they can experience seasonal depression in summer and can feel a lot better during the winter.

For more information on seasonal depression during summer, have a read of our summer seasonal depression guide on how to manage it.

Symptoms of SAD

The most common symptoms you may experience through seasonal depression include:

  • Feeling sleepy.
  • Feeling irritated or agitated.
  • Demotivated to do anything or feeling lazy.
  • Feeling more stressed and anxious.
  • Difficulty in making decisions.
  • Low self-esteem, including feeling guilty or worthless.
  • Loss of interest in things you usually would find interesting or exciting.
  • Feeling lethargic.
  • Food cravings and overeating.
  • Struggling to concentrate on work, everyday tasks or just in general.

Why do people get seasonal depression?

In simple terms, it can be just the weather. However, if we dive into the science behind seasonal depression and why the weather impacts the workings of the brain and emotions, it mostly is to do with the amount of sunlight we receive.

Surprisingly or not, the amount of sunlight you receive has a huge impact on chemicals and workings of your brain - particularly the hypothalamus. Here are a few ways in which it can affect you and your brain:

Overproduction of melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone responsible for feeling sleepy. Studies have shown that during the dark, the pineal gland located in your brain, responds to the darkness. This response causes the pineal gland to over produce melatonin making you feel more sleepy, lazy and demotivated – symptoms commonly found when experiencing seasonal depression.

Less serotonin produced

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter typically responsible for maintaining your mood and happiness levels as well as regulating your sleeping patterns. With serotonin, studies have found there is a certain protein that helps transport serotonin back to the presynaptic neurone, which is called SERT.

A good way of thinking about this is your neurons as bridges, the SERTs as guards and the serotonin as cars. The guards (SERTs) send the cars (serotonin) back to the beginning of the bridge (presynaptic neurone). When there are too many guards (SERTs) less cars (serotonin) can cross the bridge, thus lowering the number of cars that can cross the bridge (lowers serotonin levels).

Circadian rhythm are impacted

Circadian rhythm is most commonly known as your 24-hour body clock, by which your body times your bodily functions. It is most impacted by light sources which can impact your physical and mental functions as well as your behaviour.

An example of how light impacts your bodily functions is feeling the need or want, to sleep once it begins to get darker outside indicating to your body it is time to sleep and rest. As a result, through the winter the amount of light we get is reduced and so it is common for the circadian rhythm of our bodies to be affected by this reduction in light through showing symptoms of seasonal depression.

How to combat seasonal depression

We now know what the potential causes of seasonal depression are, but how do we cope with seasonal depression? What can do to help uplift our mood? Here are a few ideas to help you deal with seasonal depression:

Stay warm

Ever wonder why a hot cup of tea, or hot chocolate feels like the best thing ever, especially during the winter? Research has shown that keeping warm stimulates parts of the brain that control “feeling good”. Ways in which you can keep warm include:

  • Having a hot drink
  • Covering up with warm clothes and blankets (yes - cosy movie nights will help too)
  • Having a warm bath
  • Eating a homecooked hot meal

Get natural sunlight

During the winter, this can be difficult due to there naturally being less sunlight, however you can still wrap up and make sure you get your daily dose of sunlight. This can include:

  • Wrapping up and going for morning walks, or if you are at work, going for a walk at lunchtime.
  • Simply sitting next to a window.
  • Keep the natural sunlight in by keeping your room curtains and blinds open to let the light in during the day.

Ensuring you get natural sunlight during the winter nights will help your body get the sunlight it needs to regulate your serotonin and melatonin levels.

Surround yourself with people

After a long day of school or work it can be difficult to have the social capacity to be around people and you can feel drained. However, being surrounded by loved ones like friends and family can easily uplift your mood even if you aren’t in the mood to do so initially.

Spending time with loved ones can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. This doesn’t have to mean throwing a massive party (unless that is something you enjoy) it could mean small things such as:

  • Grabbing a coffee with a friend
  • Having a mini movie night with family or friends
  • Cooking a meal together with a loved one or friend
  • Inviting friends over or going over to friends and family’s houses – sometimes getting out of the house or changing your environment can stimulate good feelings.

While therapy and professional help should always be your first point of call for tackling mental wellbeing challenges, read our blog on SAD for quick ideas on how to change up your patterns and ease your depression.

Need more professional help – CBT

Sometimes talking to a professional to help understand what you are going through and cope with negative thoughts and behaviours, and this is exactly where you should turn if you need help overcoming the symptoms of your seasonal depression.

Here at Head Agenda, we specialise in offering CBT for a range of mental illnesses including seasonal depression. Our registered, experienced therapists can provide the support, guidance and talking space needed to help you through this difficult patch.

For more information on our service for CBT, visit our CBT page.

Alternatively, if you are ready to overcome seasonal depression today with CBT, click the button below to make an enquiry.

What do our clients think about us?

Highly recommended! One of the best investments of my life. A very friendly, kind and professional team. The atmosphere of the place is also great: very calm and relaxing. I went to try CBT and after a few sessions, it worked! I am happier and know myself much better now. I will always be grateful! Thank you, Mandy.

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Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Debbie here at Head Agenda! She has been absolutely amazing in getting me through what felt like a million and one problems when I first went in. I truly came to think of her as a friend and felt her genuine care and want to help me. I always came away from every session feeling lighter and much more positive and she's always been so friendly, sensitive and incredibly relatable. She has guided me through an extremely difficult time in my life and got me through and out of that dark tunnel.

The rooms were always comfortable and inviting and always made me feel at ease to talk

Thank you so much again, Debbie you're an absolute star!

Becky Gill

Liz was great, can't recommend Head Agenda enough! I went for 12 weeks in total and I feel like it has really got me back on track from the place that I was. Thank you!

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I went to Head Agenda to try to tackle my severe anxiety. My therapist Jonathan was really helpful and kind and I now feel more equipped to manage my mental health. The space is calming and welcoming. I would recommend Head Agenda to anyone who is suffering and who needs professional support.

Lauren Piper

I've been seeing Mandy for a year now and she has transformed my life. I can't thank her enough. Having seen numerous therapists over the years I've never found anyone so effective. Mandy has a wealth of knowledge and I've found her very easy to open up to. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Siobhan Thew

I came to see Mandy in autumn 2019 for some CBT to deal with my anxiety which at times spiralled out of control for weeks/months at a time. Mandy was great, in the end doing a combination of both therapy and CBT to explore where the anxiety had come from, as well as how to put it back in its box. She was great at challenging me, which is just what I needed. An immediate affect was feeling significantly less nervous about flying. I now find myself in week 5 of the UK COVID lockdown, a time that is causing anxiety for so many people, and able to cope. Yes, I have felt anxious (who hasn’t!!), but it has been for a maximum of an hour or two, and not endless. I can highly recommend Head Agenda. Thank you.

Natasha Barlow

After years of been in and out of therapy I was sceptical about trying it again, I went in expecting to be disappointed. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The knowledge, empathy and approach Mandy took to with me was something i'd never experienced before. I actually feel excited to start a new chapter of my life and I wouldn't be in this position if it wasn't for Head Agenda.

10000% recommend!

Megan Barrett

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Debbie who I had many sessions with earlier this year. At first I was very hesitant but was by far was the best decision I have made and I am now in a place I could have only dreamt to be in a year ago. I could not recommend Debbie highly enough and genuinely want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Bradley Hood

I couldn't recommend Juliet enough. She is a warm, kind and caring therapist who pulled me through a challenging, dark time. I am forever thankful for all her support, wealth of experience and tools she provided. Thank you Juliet x

Holly Dixon

Such a fantastic place. Super friendly and understanding team. Got an appointment really quickly. Such a calm and relaxing space. Thank you!

Megan Barnes

I have had a few sessions with Debra. When I arrived for my first session she made me feel very comfortable and the session just flew by. Debbie really took the time to understand what I was saying and made me feel like she really wanted to help me through my problems. She has gone over and above expectations, supporting me through a very big decision. The rooms are very relaxing and comfortable and there is barely any noise from outside. I would fully recommend having sessions with Debra. She has really opened up my eyes to the reasons of why I feel the way I do and ways to try and reduce those feelings.

Anna Curry

I've just finished my last session with my therapist - Debbie, and I can't thank her enough for helping me through a difficult time in my life and seeing the light. I was very apprehensive at first, I've never had counselling before and I was in denial about my problem. But speaking to Debbie is one of the best things I've done, she is friendly, caring and it felt natural talking to her, and she gave me the tools I need to help get better. Very easy booking through Head Agenda, would highly recommend.

Cat I

I am glad I went to Head Agenda, great staff and Mark was really helpful and friendly. If you are unsure about going to see anyone then maybe just book an appointment and discuss it with them. Even if you think you are mentally strong there is always room for improvement. I feel like Mark has helped me find the right path to go forward in my life. I would recommend this company :)

The Anunnaki

Fantastic service and help through some tough times. Natalie has been wonderful over these last few months.

Miguel Garrido-Letelier

First ever experience with counselling for myself, and it has helped my tenfold. Would recommend to anyone.

Liam Back

Daniel was kind and helpful to my family member . Gave strategies to help with stress and anxiety that can use . Liked the practical exercises and has kept the list he made at his final sessions to remind him of all the positive things they talked about

Fran Bostyn

About 4 months ago I decided to try therapy and was recommended Head Agenda by my girlfriend. After getting in contact with them I was assigned to Darren and over that period of time I found him very helpful, I would definitely recommend him and say it was a really positive experience

Barnsley Jack

I've been seeing June for a while now. I have tried a number of therapies and therapists over the years, but have never really felt heard or understood. I am able to be my authentic self with June, without any fear of judgement or embarrassment. She has an amazing way of challenging my thoughts, in a gentle way, but enough so to allow me to start to reconsider my own thoughts and feelings. She has already had a big impact on my life, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

The office is lovely and calming, the other staff are always helpful and polite.
100% recommend Head Agenda!

Charlotte Steele

Excellent service. Really useful. Helped a lot. Thanks

Lyndon Ogden

Counselling will start this week but my initial contact with Head Agenda has been great. Lovely friendly reply to my initial email enquiry, followed by a phone call from Amanda who was very easy to talk and was very reassuring and helpful with all my questions and concerns.

Pen C.

I can't begin to describe how incredible Darren has been in helping me with my mental health. He enabled me to respect and love myself for the first time in a very long time. I have come a long way since starting my sessions and I will be forever grateful to Darren for facilitating my process of healing. I highly recommend Darren and Head Agenda!

Himani Jayasinghe

Jonathan at Head Agenda was absolutely fantastic. I felt very comfortable throughout. Really positive experience.

Sacha Ghionis

Great service, really easy to find a therapist to match your needs - spoke to Amanda who was super friendly and made the whole process really painless - thank you!

Sally Hurst

I honestly can't recommend Head Agenda enough. When I first enquired by email the response was prompt, professional and clear. I was very quickly assigned to Jane Hickson, who agreed to work with me flexibly around my work schedule. Although I didn't have many sessions, i can honestly say that attending counselling with Jane has changed my life considerably. She really helped me work things out. She was professional, yet kind the whole time. Also, the rooms and surroundings are very comfortable and calming.

Sophie Threlfall

I found Head Agenda through another website which recommended therapists. I have used Head Agenda for roughly 6 months and it has been a transformative experience. My therapist was professional, kind, understanding and helpful with making changes and seeing things in a new way. I can't recommend the experience enough.

Tabitha Connolly

Debra has been absolutely wonderful in helping me understand my mental health. She’s made me feel so calm and relaxed in sessions. Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Grace Maddox

Have had wonderful, sensitive support from Debra, who has helped me learn to take time to sit with my own grief rather than be present 100% of time for others. She made the sessions relaxed, and I will be getting in touch if there are more bumps in my road further down the line. Thank you.

Kate Riley

I could not recommend Caroline at Head Agenda enough. I was very hesitant when it came to therapy but Caroline had provided me with the confidence to speak about my issues, no matter how big or small. She has constantly treated me with grace and respect, I am very grateful for her.

Emily X

My experience with Head Agenda has been liberating for me! I would recommend anyone that’s thinking of getting help to look no further.

Thank you


Michael Greenwood

I was lucky enough to be helped by Mark. I can't find any fault with him. He made me feel comfortable from the get-go. Professional but personable, paid more attention to what I was saying than I did! He seems very intelligent but not at all condescending. If you have any issues you would like to talk through, I would recommend Mark 100%.

Joe Craig

Head Agenda were great, and really helped me with my issues. The space was great quiet and private it did not feel intimidating. My therapist Jonathan, took the time to understand my problems and was really helpful and easy to approach. Would recommend.

Robert Rowe

Head Agenda has been brilliant for me whilst going through a turbulent time in my life. Mark has been amazing. Calm, kind, professional, a complete expert who helps you work through anything whilst providing you with a range of tools you can use. He increases your self awareness and does it with such a positive reassuring presence that lets you feel relaxed and confident to talk to him. Can't recommend Mark and Head Agenda highly enough.

Simon P.

Interesting, insightful and has been no end of help for my self improvement. Can't thank these lot enough. I feel much more confident and optimistic going forward and it’s down to Mark and the Head Agenda team.

Rob Griffiths

This was my first experience with counselling. I was always reluctant to seek help for whatever reason. With recent health issues I felt that it was the 'icing on the cake' and I needed help. Then I met the wonderful Debbie at Head Agenda. She has guided me more than I ever thought possible. She has helped me see what's truly important and helped me breakdown understand what once felt like big mess in my head! She has taught me so much and I can finally say, today, that I am ready to use her kind words and advice and see how I get on alone. I know she is always there though if I need her one day. I now feel I am strong enough, all thanks to Debbie.

Thank you so much, Deb! You've been an angel x

Jo-Dee Brice

Can't rate Head Agenda, or my therapist, highly enough. I had my first appointment within two weeks of enquiring and began CAT therapy with Jonathan. His kind, caring and friendly approach instantly helped me to feel relaxed, leading to several breakthroughs during our sessions. My therapy with Jonathan has been genuinely life changing; this is by far the best money I've ever spent. I now feel calmer and more content, and have the tools needed to enjoy better mental health.
If you're ready to put in the work, I'd definitely recommend Head Agenda.

Alannah Graham

Debra was very kind and understanding, she gave considerate and constructive advice, we cannot thank her enough for all that she did to help!

Anne-Louise Wells