Our Counselling and Therapy Services

At Head Agenda, we offer a professional private counselling service, delivered both through face-to-face sessions at our  headquarters in Leeds and via online platforms. Our range of expert counsellors are fully trained and Registered members of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists, to deliver best-in-class therapy to individuals, and to business professionals who need extra support either for themselves or their colleagues.

How we help

See how we offer therapy:

Anger Management Therapy

Our therapy and counselling services are designed to help deal with anger issues. Learn how our expert therapists can help to diagnose, understand, and provide support in coping with anger issues.

Couples Therapy

At Head Agenda, our couples therapy and counselling services help work through subjective personal issues within your relationships. Learn how our highly trained therapists can help you and your partner resolve your relationship issues.

CBT Therapy

Our CBT therapy and counselling services here at Head Agenda offer support and guidance – enabling you to challenge your negative thoughts and behaviour patterns to better cope with mental health illnesses from phobias to OCD to PTSD.

Trauma Therapy

Browse our Trauma therapy services, which can help identify historic and recent instances of trauma – and put real-life practices in place to help you live happier and more stress-free each day.

Depression Counselling

Head Agenda’s depression therapy and counselling services are designed to help you deal with your depression. See how our expert, licensed therapists listen, understand, and support your well-being through tailored treatments designed to support you fully.

Anxiety Therapy

Our anxiety therapy and counselling services can help you deal and cope with the symptoms of your anxiety and find the root cause of it. Learn how our licensed friendly therapists can help you overcome your anxiety.

Single Session Therapy

If you think a one-off therapy session is exactly what you need to tackle a pressing issue or figure out whether a more long-term mental health support programme is needed, learn how we can help.

Therapeutic Support for Managers

Head Agenda’s therapeutic support is specifically developed to provide mental wellbeing support for management and senior levels professionals. Learn how our experienced and fully qualified therapists can help improve, build, and boost your mental well-being.

Clinical Coaching for Professionals

Head Agenda’s clinical coaching service is specifically developed to help professionals deal with trauma at work. Find out how our experienced and licensed therapists can help you overcome trauma, enabling you to progress throughout your career.

Clinical Supervision for Safeguarding Officers & Mental Health First Aiders

Our clinical supervision services are designed to provide mental health support to those with a responsibility of care for their colleagues. Learn how our expert therapists can help meet and look after the needs, of the decision makers of the business.

Corporate Wellbeing Survey

Our Corporate Wellbeing Survey is designed to help businesses provide help and support to employees. Learn how our highly trained therapists can help you and your employees improve wellbeing at work.

Therapeutic Support for Your Employees

Head Agenda’s therapeutic support is designed to provide mental wellbeing support specifically for employees and staff. Find out how our experienced and fully-qualified therapists can help improve, lift, and elevate your mental wellbeing at work.

About our therapy service

We offer a holistic therapy service, utilising trained experts to help you overcome any challenges that might be facing you. Some of the common types of mental health problems facing our clients include anxiety, relationship troubles, depression, and anger- and we have specialist staff trained to provide support with each of these areas. Some of our more specialized services include:

  • Anger Management Therapy
  • Anxiety Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Couples Therapy
  • Depression Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy

Why Choose Head Agenda?

Whether you need Psychotherapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), at Head Agenda, we’ve a diverse portfolio of therapists, all highly trained, professional, experienced, and experts in their specific fields.

We take the time to listen to you before matching you with the qualified therapist that is best suited
to your personal needs. We offer a range of different therapy formats, including:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is very much a joint process between you and the therapist. The overall goal is to inspire change or improve the quality of your life. One-to-one therapy can do many things. It can make you feel more positive by improving your compassion and self-esteem. Therapy itself can also teach you skills and strategies for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions and reaching your goals. Many Head Agenda clients enjoy the therapeutic journey and becoming more self-aware.

Couples & Family Sessions

Relationships can be complex and can often come under strain. Head Agenda counsellors are expert, caring and supportive confidants for couples and families going through difficult times. We’ll encourage you to you talk about the difficult stuff, including past experiences, present feelings, behaviour and difficulties you may have with each other. We’ll then help you understand each other and also yourselves, and how you can meet each other’s emotional needs, before helping you decide what changes you can make to your relationship that will make you feel happier and more fulfilled.

Working With Children & Teenagers

Increasingly in the digital age, many teenagers struggle with socializing, anxiety, and feel out of place. Our specialists are able to help teenagers cope with the more subtle aspects of adolescence; helping to grow their confidence and teach social skills that will help encourage long-term happiness.

SMEs & Corporate Partner Surveys

If you own and run an SME, or are a director of a corporate organisation, Head Agenda can help you and your employees at all levels of your business with their mental wellbeing. Our co-founders’ backgrounds are from the professional business corporate sector. So, we have a unique and deep understanding of the difficulties you might face in maintaining a healthy workforce and extensive knowledge of the requirements and standards you expect.

Head Agenda can help you survey your teams for their mental agility. In fact, we offer a “Wellbeing Check-in” which assesses the mental health of your workforce. It covers everything from whether COVID has impacted their wellbeing to if they are suffering from anxiety and potential burnout. We also use well-documented NHS tools to measure your employees’ wellbeing and feed this back to you. This can then be used to help you with your HR engagement and sustainability goals.

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