Good mental health is good for business

We are an award-winning, leading provider of therapeutic services that understands how workforce wellbeing can directly affect the health of a company’s bottom line. Head Agenda was founded by Mandy Nichols and Juliet Thornton in 2012, who worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years – Juliet as a Chartered Surveyor and Mandy in Marketing. It’s our past corporate experience and insights, mixed with mental health expertise, which shape our highly professional and efficient bespoke service.

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Without them, where would you be? That’s why it pays to invest in them, not only by rewarding them financially, but by ensuring that their mental wellbeing is taken care of. Today, more than at any other time in recent history, it is widely recognised and expected that employers have a responsibility to sustain a healthy workforce and prioritise their mental wellbeing.

We work with a range of partners from businesses, local authorities and government departments to health and education institutions. We’ve extensive experience and knowledge of the needs of their employees and stakeholders. Whether you’re UK-based or a global organisation, we can offer professional online sessions or work with individuals face-to-face at our modern and welcoming private clinics.

Our Wellbeing Check-In also enables us to assess the mental agility and health of your workforce. If COVID has impacted on them, you could find this particularly beneficial. We measure wellbeing and report back to you to help you with your HR engagements and achieve sustainability goals.

Employee therapy

What is it?

Every employee is different. They have their own often complex professional and personal lives, each with a different degree of pressure. Sometimes it’s difficult to really know the true mental wellbeing of even your closest colleagues. That’s why we feel that all good employers should look after their most valuable assets by offering their employees the opportunity to benefit from the understanding, help and support of a qualified and experienced psychotherapist.

Head Agenda therapy connects individual employees with a highly skilled and experienced therapist, matched to their specific needs. Professional and ethical, they provide compassionate and non-judgemental one-to-one counselling either face-to-face, online via secure video or by telephone. Sessions are strictly confidential, so employees can talk freely and honestly about themselves. Once the therapist has gained an in-depth understanding of any issues and talked through them with the employee, they can put together a personalised strategy to help them feel better about their work and cope with any challenges going forward.

Why choose Head Agenda psychotherapy?

When looking for a therapy partner, you need people with vast corporate experience who have worked in various therapeutic environments. Our co-founders have precisely that. They are also meticulous when it comes to recruiting Head Agenda therapists. We have an incredibly robust recruitment process and we reject a lot of applicants.

All our therapists are properly trained, highly qualified and meet the stringent requirements of the major UK professional bodies for counselling and psychotherapy. In fact, every Head Agenda therapist has followed a University path of at least three years on British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited courses. Plus, all have clinical experience working in voluntary or paid counselling placements. These include; hospital staff support, university, college and school student and staff services, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse organisations, NHS, NSPCC, Relate, Mosaic, Leeds Counselling, Mind Matters and many other services and organisations.

Our insistence on only recruiting the most qualified and experienced therapists is one of the key reasons we were awarded ‘Psychotherapy Service of the Year 2020 & 2021’.

Corporate Wellbeing Check-in

What is it?

Developed exclusively by our founders after many years’ experience working with organisations and senior executives, the Head Agenda Wellbeing Check-in is unique. It’s a psychological telephone assessment tool that’s delivered by highly professional Psychotherapists and based on assessments recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Created in collaboration with our corporate partners, the Head Agenda Wellbeing Check-in not only assesses your workforce’s wellbeing, it can also identify performance, sustainability or psychological risks. Whether your employees work remotely, or not, it’s an opportunity for you to connect with them, provide any support they might need and encourage them to engage more with you.

Like some of our corporate partners, you may also wish to take advantage of our Wellbeing Check-in and use it to assess your employees’ preferences for working remotely, post-COVID, and review your long-term office space requirements. It’s also a useful tool for getting feedback on re-structures.

Why does my business need it?

You can’t escape it, COVID has been a turning point and has had a dramatic impact on all of our lives. It’s changed our working lives, too. Never has the work-life balance been in such a precarious position for so many. Juggling a career with home-schooling, feeling isolated socially and professionally, fearing about what the future might hold. The pandemic has had a huge impact on our wellbeing.

The Head Agenda Wellbeing Check-in can work as a key component of your current wellbeing strategy, supporting your HR goals and HSE Management Standards. It may be that some of your employees will have helpful and healthy coping strategies. Other’s strategies might do more harm than good. They might actually be destructive and problematic, leaving them feeling hopeless, unable to manage their feelings of being overwhelmed.

Employees need to feel good about themselves their relationships, working environment and what they contribute to your company. If they’re happy and healthy mentally and physically, they’ll be more productive professionally. That’s something that will bring a smile to the face of every employer.

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